Favicons...I have one too!

Pronounced "fave-eye-con", a favicon is that little symbol in the address bar right before your site's address. And, now I have one!* I'm branded! I'm unique! I have ARRIVED.

Actually, I just needed a project. Since I'm between quilting projects right now, I thought I would attempt to keep up with D and add a favicon to my site. And! And! And! I did this without my husband's help. Typically, when I've had to learn how to do something computer- or network-related, I just have him do it while I drink a cup of tea.

Not tonight. No. Tonight, I googled it.
Step 1: Create a favicon.

Step 2: Upload it. I used 50 Megs.

Step 3: Edit your site.
And, voilĂ ! Easy peasy.

*Well, there *should* be one there. Man, that would suck if it didn't work.

1 comment:

Dulcey said...

Funny, I'm usually trying to keep up with you! lol! It looks great, I'm impressed.

I'm now considering downloading MIA pics. Maybe.