Online task list

I need to reorganize how I keep track of stuff I want to read online.  I used delicious for several years as a tool to remember all the cool stuff I came across on the web and as a to-do list.  Bookmarking has never been an effective way to keep track of stuff I want to read eventually, mainly because I would keep bookmarking and would rarely go back to read anything.  (And yes, I had a separate tag called 'to-read' in both my browser and my delicious account).  (Similarly, my in-box at work does not serve me well as a to-do list.  I have to write 'respond to So-and-So' on my ever-growing-never-shrinking to-do list, or the email gets buried.)

I really don't want to have two different accounts to keep track of my 'read this when you have time' stuff, but it's probably necessary.  So far I've come across the perfectly named Read It Later (which has extensions for Firefox and other browsers, as well as an Android app) but I can't take a tour before signing up, and am hesitating on that for some reason.  Pinboard looks good, and it's all-in-one, but I really don't want to pay a fee to keep a to-do list.

I also need to pick easier topics, like this one, to write about.  I'm one week back into blogging, and so far I have four draft posts - the future of the digital divide, demographic data and what to do with it, assessment tools and how to use them, and cosplay - and no posts to show for it.  (Okay, the only thing difficult about the cosplay post is that I'm not sure I have anything to say about it.)

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