I have joined the ranks...

...of those who read and enjoy The Lord of the Rings. I actively avoided reading anything to do with Lord of the Rings since 1994, when I first remember hearing about the books. My teen book club at the library decided to read Fellowship of the Ring for the first book, and although I resisted for several months, I finally started reading it last week, and finished it last night. And all of a sudden I feel like I have joined a club or something! Better late than never, I guess. I'll go on to read the next two, but I have several other books to read for the book club first.

...of geocachers. Geocaching is a treasure-hunt-like activity where you use a GPS unit to search for little treasures that are placed by other geocachers. Now that the DH and I have a GPS unit, we're ready to go. We haven't actually gone out yet, but have spent a lot of time looking around at geocaching.com to get ready.

...of those who Scratch. Scratch software, that is. It's actually a programming language that you can use to create games, interactive stories, animated pictures, and the like. Seems like this is old hat because I heard about it over a year ago, but I'm finally getting around to having a program at the library for teens to introduce them to the software. My library's gallery is here. (It will be empty until after the program, though).

...of those who use wordle. Wordle lets you create word clouds, and it is terribly fun.

So, that's why I'm not blogging much these days.


Manda said...

ohhh, so jealous of your GPS. I looked into geocaching last year and definately want to give it a try...maybe we'll register for a GPS :)

Geocaching Online said...

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Matt said...

Kat, congrats on LOTR!