Fun with balls...

...quilted balls filled with cotton balls, or (as I call them) quilted cotton balls.

A friend pointed recommended that I try some of the patchwork puzzle balls from Jinny Beyer's book for a small project to have on hand while recovering from surgery (still a few weeks out). I was intrigued by the size and shape of the balls, and couldn't wait to try them out! I ended up putting my current project on hold for a few nights while I try some of the patterns.

I was looking for ways to use scraps from previous projects already, but the appeal these patterns held for me was the mathematics behind each pattern. Not that I'm a math whiz or anything, but it was very smart for Beyer to describe how to traditional patterns are reworked so they form a sphere. I was also looking forward to using and practicing with templates, which is something I had been putting off.

The filling is pure cotton. Beyer recommends a particular brand of cotton fill, but I just used cotton balls. The filling needs to be cotton, as other material is not dense enough to hold the shape, but given that I don't really have a use for quilted cotton balls, I wasn't about to spend money on quality cotton. I did unroll and separate (almost) every cotton ball before stuffing the sphere to reduce lumpiness, but I assume a higher quality cotton wouldn't be as lumpy as my balls are.

I haven't quite figured out a use for quilted cotton balls, though. The smaller one is now a basketball for a friend, and the larger is a catnip toy for my cats. That's enough, right?

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