Questo gelato è squisito!

The DH and I stopped into a gelato parlor on our walk from Pike Place Market to Pioneer Square, and happened to follow a group of children on a field trip into the place. (I would have loved field trips like that when I was young!) They were asking tons of questions about the gelato, and because my attention was focused on the quilt shop I spotted across the way, I hardly paid any attention to the answers. At some point in my life I knew what the difference between gelato and ice cream was, but I had to look it up again.

As About.com explains it, because gelato is made with whole milk (rather than cream) and churned at a slower rate, it has less fat and less air than American ice cream which allows for the intensity of the flavor. It is also typically served warmer than ice cream. Non-dairy varieties (sorbet, sorbetto) are typically made from fruit, suger and water, and are delicious and creamy as well.

I haven't found gelato in the twin cities area since Caruso's left Calhoun Square, but I'm definitely going to give Giulia's Italian Ice Cream near the University of Minnesota a try, and I'll keep my eye out for Ciao Bella gelati and sorbetti in the co-ops. Or, I could make another trip to Portland (gelato is everywhere!) or better yet, Italy.


tragicoptimist said...

Mmmm, now I'm craving gelato. There is an ice cream place in Burnsville that has one freezer with ice cream, and one with gelato. Of course, I can't think of the name of the place.

What I've never found in the states is a gelato place that lets you get 4-6 little scoops of different flavors, which is what I always did in Italy (don't I sound all exotic just off-handedly mentioning eating gelato in Italy?)

Cheryl O said...

Go to Sonny's - 34th and Lyndale. They have really funky flavors and they change constantly. And they're better than Caruso's, in my opinion.