We applied the cortical electrodes

A standard test given at pre-op appointments is the EKG (electrocardiogram, where the k comes from I don't know) which measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat. The information is useful to determine how well the heart is beating, and whether parts of the heart are larger than other parts. The electrodes themselves, in my case, were disposable stickers that were applied to my ankles, arms and chest. They don't deliver any electricity, they just record and transmit electrical activity. After the electrodes were attached, the test itself took a half minute (since it was basic. There are many other reasons to have an EKG, and the test itself can be more involved).

Now, provided nothing is expected to be wrong, it could be just another experience in a lab. BUT! To Firefly fans, EKGs are just shiny in that they provide the perfect opportunity to quote Jayne.

Simon: What about the cortical electrodes?
Jayne: Oh! (pause) Uh, we forgot 'em.
Jayne: (After being told to bring the DOAs to the morgue, determined to deliver the line he worked so hard to memorize) We applied the cortical electrodes but where unable to get a neural reaction from either patient.

Watch the full episode here.

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