Kat's Index

2007 was a year of ups and downs...here is a review, Harper's Index Style. By the way, this doubles as my Christmas letter, which I never wrote and therefore never mailed to anyone.

Number of weddings in which my brother married his best friend: 1
Number of those weddings my husband and I were honored
to be a part of: 1
Number of new nieces: 1. The perfect-in-every-way young Dannika.
Number of birthdays in which I turned 30: 1. So far, I like 29 better.
Number of years my husband and I have been married: 7
Number of cats we have: 2 lovely Siamese
Number of books read or listened to that I actually remembered to
write something about in my book journal: 92
Number of books read in Spanish: 3
(Ramona la Chinche, Colmillo Blanco, and another one)
Number of home improvements: 3
(including a new deck, new window and interior paint)
Number of significant problems that came up with my POS car: 5
Number of cavities: 2 (I didn't think I had room for any more)
Number of years since I have been to the dentist prior to this year's visit: 7
Number of breakfasts I ate at Hell's Kitchen: 27 (the lemon ricotta pancakes
are stillthe best item on the menu, with the porridge coming in second)
Number of reubens I ate in the last week: 2
(at Cecil's deli - so so so so so delicious!)
Number of reubens I ate prior to this year: 0
Number of pairs of high-heeled shoes or boots
I have worn regularly this year: 6
Number of pairs I have worn prior to this year: 0
Number of television shows I watched regularly: 0. Seriously.
Number of video blogs I watched regularly: 2
Number of storytimes done at the library: 52
Favorite new library programs:
Classics Bookclub, Reader's Theater, Mad Science
Number of hours playing Rise of Nations, Civilization, Big Bang Reversi,
Pootris, and Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's: lots and lots
Number of hours spent knitting: 0
Number of 'movies' I made: 4
Number of months I held an account on second life: 8
Number of months I actually *enjoyed* my account on second life: 3
Number of feeds in my Google Reader as of 12/28/07: 90
Number of songs purchased on iTunes: 47
Number of friends on Facebook: 32
Percentage of those friends who are family members: 47%
Number of friends made that I wanted to know
for a very very very long time: 1
Number of those friends that I lost: 1
Number of match-making attempts: 1
Number of those attempts that were successful: 1!
Number of farm animal rubber duckies received at Christmas: 12
Number of hours I have spent with friends and family,
feeling truly blessedby how many wonderful people are in my life: countless

So, there you have it. May you have the happiest of new years, Dear Readers!


Matt said...

I like the index Kat.

Matt said...

I can't believe that you ate at Hell's Kitchen 27 times. Wow!