This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving...

...a pair of rabbits. (A favorite quote from Todd Signs in Duluth)

I know animals have their ways of adapting for the harsh winter, but I started to wonder about the rabbits that live in my yard. I could say with certainty that they don't hibernate, but I started to wonder how quickly I could find information about their survival strategies by using major search engines. I got such a wide range of results just on the first page from each search engine. So, rather than a list of what these little guys are doing to survive, I'm going to share just a few of the random results I got.

From Google, I stumbled across the DNR site, and I learned that some rabbits have tattoos from the 4H site;

From Dogpile, I got a brief article from Science Made Simple about how animals adapt, and two posts down, an article from About discussing survival strategies for your thyroid; and

From Vivisimo, I found info on how to hunt for winter rabbits, and keeping your 'carrot' warm.

From Yahoo, I found a quick guide from Canada's Hinterland Who's Who, (the rabbits in my yard are not snowshoe hares), a variety of DNR pages from different states, and then I realized that they changed their search interface, was quite impressed and therefore got really distracted and wasted a lot of time searching for random things on Yahoo.

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