Death certificates

An interesting and challenging question from the reference desk the other day....this isn't an immediate need for me (I hope). Just clarifying up front.

There is a lot online about how to order a death certificate in the United States, but guidelines on actually issuing that death certificate is a bit harder to find. It seems like a service that most funeral homes provide as part of their service (possibly because they can't legally complete their services without the death certificate?) so maybe it doesn't need to be widely known.

The form that doctors fill out and file with the state can be found at the CDC. One quick glance makes it easy to understand why many doctors have had a difficult time with the forms in the past.

How to obtain a death certificate seems like a good place to start if you live in Minnesota and need to get additional copies. The Minnesota Funeral Plan offers great resources for pre-planning and pre-funding funerals, but nothing on the legal hassle and challenge of filing the death record. The previous resource was provided by the Minnesota Funeral Directors Association.

Here's hoping nobody needs these resources anytime soon, but should you need to find a funeral home, here's a handy establishment directory.

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