The five Ws of caucusing

Who Minnesotans eligible to vote by November 4, 2008
What The first chance to tell your party who should be the next president, senator, and/or other elected officials, as well as discuss the party's platform.
When Tuesday February 5 at 7 p.m. for residents in Minnesota. The Republican, Democrat and Independent parties all caucus at the same time, while the Green party will hold their caucus on the traditional date for Minnesota, March 4.
Where The Minnesota Election Caucus Finder will help you determine your caucus site.
Why You've got a white woman and a black man in the running - not to mention Al Franken. If you're like me, and haven't caucused before, this seems like a great year to do it. Well, that gives me away as a Democrat, if that wasn't clear before.
How Proof of eligibility to vote in the next election. In addition to casting your presidential preference ballot, you will have to declare yourself a voter in that party. You might also be asked to volunteer for the party. Apparently, you can vote in the primary and then leave without have to stay for the caucus meeting. I'll find out.

The above isn't so much an 'invitation' as a list of the Five Ws (to get rid of Dubya). However, the DFL put a formal invitation on Blip TV. A little cheesy, but great visuals and very informative.

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