I am sorely, severely challenged when it comes to picking colors that work together, whether it be wall colors, blog colors, or fabric colors. This fact was recently (and brutally, I might add) thrown in my face when I put together a quilt top the other night and realized that I really didn't like how the colors were coming together at all. I find that to spend a $30 plus a weekend washing, ironing, cutting, ironing some more, sewing a little bit, and then more ironing only to discover that you don't like the end result is more than disappointing.

For web stuff, I found this color schemer that has some color groupings that are freely available and complete with html color codes. For wall color, I usually consult the paint brands and their online color generators, like Behr or Ralph Lauren (not that my house looks like their floor models). The QuiltWoman comes close to playing around with color and quilt patterns, as does Quiltopia's color wheel, but they don't help me with the print on the fabric.

Yet, I can play online all I like. I like several color combinations, but when it comes down to applying colors on different scales (like teeny tiny quilt blocks or great big walls) disaster usually ensues. It seems like people either have it or they don't when it comes to color selection for projects, but I'm hoping that a quick study of colors and their values, qualities and other complexities could save me money and valuable weekend time in the future.

The best resources I have found so far are (!) books. Color Works by Deb Menz is among the best when it comes to explaining color theory. The Quilter's Color Scheme Bible by Celia Eddy is another great resource as it includes examples of colors used in quilts, however the fabrics of the quilts in the books don't show many patterns, and she rarely goes beyond 4 colors. (Hey! Maybe that's my problem with my quilt bomb! I had 12 different fabrics!)

As far as the quilt top goes, I sought the advice of my artist friend who had some brilliant suggestions for salvaging what I could. If that doesn't work, I'll donate the quilt top to my mother's church where the ladies who quilt can put it together with batting and backing, and then give it to a relief agency of some sort. In the meantime, I can at least admire my perfect corners. :)

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