Fashionably Late Bloomer

A couple of years ago at Christmas my Quebecoise aunt (who has the most delightful and lovely way about her) opened a silk scarf and immediately tied it around her neck in an Italian loop. I remember thinking to myself "now, how did she know to do that?" I wanted to copy her, and copy her I did....three years later.

I feel weird when I do anything that's trendy. Just the thought of it somehow transports me back into the eighth grade - like I have no originality or I'm (poorly) trying to copy the cool crowd but don't know how. (This is also why I don't dance.) But I have to say that I quite enjoy the fashion scarves. My mom brought a back long scarf back from Germany for me this fall, and I bought another pashmina scarf yesterday. I don't need any extra bulk, but I love the colors and the extra bit of warmth and visual interest they provide.

Being the fashion-impaired woman I am, I decided to look around for ideas on how to wear scarves. (One of these days I won't care if I'm doing it right.) Elizabetta provides the best instructions for (and definitions of) wearing a scarf that I could find, followed by Hermes.

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