The Red Stag SupperClub is the first LEED-CI registered restaurant in Minnesota. What does that mean?

For the USGBC (the US Green Building Council), who certifies that buildings meet green standards, it means that the interior of the restaurant is a "healthy, productive place to work; [is] less costly to operate and maintain; and [has] a reduced environmental footprint." LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The CI stands for Commercial Interiors, and is one of several rating systems. The CI is reserved for projects where the designer doesn't have control over the sustainability of the entire building. It's for tenants.

For the restaurateur, it meant that the construction of the building cost more than typical construction would have (much more), but the energy savings will pay off. The Twin Cities Daily Planet summarized the efforts that were required to meet the standards. The lighting will uses 90% less electricity, and the water heater only heats the water as needed. The front doors once were at The Wyman Building, and the booths are discards from the Marriott Hotel downtown. It also hopefully means that she is recognized in the city as concerned about environmental issues and doing something about it.

For the restaurant-goers, it means that we are saving the environment! (Hee hee). But, there is something to supporting the restaurateur in her efforts. And, I'm looking forward to patronizing this place. Given that it is owned by the same woman who owns other local favorites Bryant-Lake Bowl and Barbette, I think it will be very very good food. The menu looks fantastic.

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