Every day is national history day

More and more students (grade 6-12) across the nation research and prepare History Day projects (exhibits, performances, documentaries) based on a pre-determined theme. The theme for 2008 is Conflict and Compromise, and students could identify topics such as Galileo and The Vatican, segregation of military troops, supreme court cases, strikes -- anything that has conflict and compromise.

So, for the last few years, I've been trying to figure out exactly when National History Day was, and finally decided to look this up. No wonder I couldn't find an exact date -- there isn't one.

But, I did find that Minnesota's regional history day events were held in March for 2008, and that the statewide event will be held in April. The national history contest will be held in June, at the University of Maryland. Through this process I also learned that the University of Minnesota provides a History Day Hot Line and email for contestants. That's pretty cool.

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