Lemon laws

Hey! Did you know that there are Lemon Laws that cover bad cars?
Under the law, if the manufacturer or its authorized dealer has been unable to repair a car’s problem after a “reasonable number of attempts,” the buyer or lessee may go through a manufacturer’s arbitration program, or to court, to seek a full refund of the car’s purchase price (minus a deduction for use of the vehicle). The law considers a “reasonable number of attempts” to be any one of the following:
  • Four or more unsuccessful attempts to repair the same defect; or,
  • One unsuccessful attempt to repair a defect which has caused the complete failure of the steering or braking system and which is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury; or,
  • A car which has been out of service due to warranty repairs for 30 or more cumulative business days.
I have written about my POS car before, and, while my car problems were never bad enough to warrant a refund or a replacement, I wish I had kept better documentation early on.

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