An obituary column

Who knows what will come up in conversation at work on any given day? Today, it was deaths.

Jon Hassler. The excellent Minnesota author.
I met him in my early teens in Park Rapids. My aunt complimented him by saying that he was the Ernest Hemingway of our times, and for YEARS I thought I had met Ernest Hemingway. Even though I read Staggerford shortly after meeting him, I think I was in college before I figured out that no, I had met Jon Hassler. Not Ernest Hemingway.

Arthur C. Clarke (science fiction author of many titles, including 2001: A Space Odyssey), Margaret Truman (mystery author and daughter of President Harry Truman), and Anthony Minghella (director of The English Patient and Cold Mountain).
Just part of the list we generated at work today. We were literally gathered by the water cooler for part of the discussion.

William F Buckley Jr. Founder of The National Review, member of Skull and Bones, and revolutionized conservatism (while being in favor of legalized marijuana).
I received his obituary from my mother in the mail today with a note saying that if I don't know who he is, I should. (I didn't). And, that I completely missed the point of The Good Shepherd. (My italics). Thanks, Mom!! You rock!

But, all of this obituary talk today made me realize that I haven't heard from the First Wives Club lady in over a week. This is really unusual. I hope she's okay!

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