Does anyone use the term postage to refer to their blog posts? If so, my postage level is at 102 posts (yay, me), my average postage is 21.25 p/m (posts per month) (yay, me), but my postage rate has decreased this week (booooo). But, I don't think postage should be used this way.

On May 12, the cost of postage stamps will increase to $.42. Last weekend my mom asked me if I had a supply of the $.39 and $.02 stamps left, and if she could trade them for some forever stamps. I had never heard of the forever stamps, even though they've been released for 11 months now. I basically never use stamps, and I had to confess that I was still using leftovers from my two sheets of $.39 children's characters that I purchased in January of 2006.

I just don't mail much that requires stamps. Bills are online, Netflix is pre-paid, and I email people if I have something to say. (And, yes, this means I haven't mailed Christmas letters for...probably 3 years.) (And, this also means that even though I receive one or two letters a week from my mom - which I love - I don't write back. I email or call back.)

And, speaking of the cost of postage -- if you didn't get your "Economic Stimulus Payment Notice" in the mail, "all individuals receiving payments will receive a notice and additional information shortly before the payment is made". The IRS spent something like $42 million to send these notices via mail, but they have make it more difficult each year to send your taxes in the mail to them. Oh, well.

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