And now, for something kinda gross

I can't be the only one with this information....

We no longer live in a world where there is simply a number one and a number two. (You know to which bodily functions these numbers refer - I don't need to spell it out). I learned from my morning radio show that there is a number three. And, probably more numbers.

Now, my radio hosts never spelled out exactly what they meant by number three, but they implied vomiting. And the VH1 Best Week Ever definition of making number three supports that. I'm comfortable with that. But, when I checked the Urban Dictionary's definition of Number Three, I found significant disagreement on what this phrase in the pop culture lexicon means. Making number three, according to UD, can also refer to either explosive diarrhea, or ejaculation after masturbation.

I guess it's one of those things that I'd have to listen to the context to know what is meant, but until this cantankerous debate is resolved and one definition prevails over the others, I will refrain from making any casual references to number three. Because, you know, I talk bathroom talk all the time.

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