A weekend at Mom's

We spent the weekend with my brother and sister-in-law helping my mother put her house back together after she had new cabinets, counters and flooring put in. (Her house looks lovely). With five people gathered in one spot, there was plenty that came up in conversation that they all knew, and I did not.

1. Shoes on the telephone wires is a signal that crack is available for purchase.
It never occurred to me that 'shoefiti' was anything other than a weird prank. The Straight Dope says that there are several possible reasons for this increasingly common sight, as does Snopes. I like to believe that it is something that graduating seniors do, but whatever the reason, I wish that people would just stick to trees. You know, like the shoe tree on Washington Avenue.
2. Teeth will shift if one tooth is cracked.
I mentioned (probably more than once) (and after someone asked about the grimace on my face), that my front tooth felt loose again. I also noticed that there is a larger space between my left canine and lateral incisor. The immediate question was "is the tooth cracked? Teeth will shift when there's a cracked tooth." It makes sense to me that a cracked tooth would move, allowing the others to move as well, and tooth mobility is occasionally listed as a symptom of a cracked tooth. My dentist is certain that there is a small crack in the structure of the root that my crown is on. Evidence is mounting that I am headed for a dental implant. Please, please, please hold on until January when I can enroll in the health care savings plan!
3. Volte is a word.
I love Scrabble.

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Amanda said...

Can you believe that I've seen shoes hanging in Cottage Grove?!?!?!