X is for xylophone...

...because X is always for xylophone. Unless you're creative, and make X stand for equinox. In this same children's alphabet book about animals, Z was for zorilla, a small animal related to the weasel, but that looks like a skunk.

A lot of my time at work is spent weeding this time of year. That's what librarians call getting rid of old books to make room for the new.

It is a unique experience, to go through all the books in your library, one by one, and really look at them. We're looking at book's condition, how often it's checked out, and if there is something better that has superseded it, etc. But there's so much more -- The other day I came across various relics left behind by previous readers -- a 5 dollar bill, a picture of Jesus, a tootsie pop stick that still had some stick...

And then there are the publishing oddities. There's a book picturing children doing yoga...and they have huge smiles on their faces. You notice how everyone else doing yoga in books has a meditative look on their faces? D came across a book where someone was modeling with their hands how to do something, and the hand model was not a good choice. Her nail polish was chipped, her hands were dry and cracked, and her cuticles were a mess. It was very very odd to look at.

It's fun.

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