"Dude! I saved you a flush!"

Myth: Saving a flush for the stranger behind you in the diviest of dives is welcome.
: Men should never say "Dude, I saved you a flush" to each other as they are coming out of the bathroom.

The DH and I joined Amanda and Cory on Madeline Island for a night this weekend, and after a few fun-filled hours at Tom's Burned Down Cafe (a sight you have to see to believe) my husband finally had to break the seal. He was greeted by the man coming out of the restroom with these words, and presumably, by something else.

: Lagoons are where mermaids live, or at least, tend to look like the blue lagoon.
: Lagoons are shallow bodies of water separated from the larger body of water by a natural barrier or some sort, like a sand spit.

Although it doesn't look like what I imagine a lagoon to be, the Big Bay lagoon (part of the Big Bay Town Park) is so beautiful - with trees and plants that have survived harsh living conditions, the nature is gorgeous. It was a large bay when the island reappeared after the last glacier 15,000 years ago. What makes it a lagoon, as opposed to a bay or a pond or a river, is the sand spit (created by the waves over the years) that separates it from the lake. I think.

Myth: Traveling with friends is a good idea.
Fact: Traveling with friends is a great idea!

Seriously. You guys are the best. We wouldn't have wanted to see the island any other way.

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Amanda said...

Yea! We're so glad that you guys came up - we had so much fun! :)