3log Day

Question: for those who text, does it
really save that much time to type a '3' rather than a 'B'? Anyway...

Today is Blog Day. Today is a day for bloggers everywhere to take a moment to find and/or share five blogs that are interesting to them, and that are somewhat under the radar. So, you know, this is not the time to sing the praises of Boing Boing or The Huffington Post.

In alphabetical order...

Daily Writing Tips
Exactly as it sounds, tips are for the professional writer, the casual blogger, the standard-issue word nerd and anyone who writes anything.

Dictionary Evangelist

What can I say? Lexicographer Erin McKean really loves dictionaries, and I love dictionaries too.

Swiss Army Librarian
In the "this is what I meant for Oranges and Peaches to be and why didn''t I think of that" category, here is a reference librarian sharing some of his more interesting reference questions.

Strange Maps
Again, exactly as it sounds. My favorites include the cannibal map, all the world in a song, pop vs. soda and the country codes map. UFO hotspots is pretty good, too.

Ugandan Insomniac
I love her writing style, and the range of topics she writes about.


Chrissy said...

Technically it takes twice as much effort to do a 3. But it looks so much cooler! hee hee

Kat said...

Hee hee. True that!