Note: I did a lot with felting as a knitter, and I've been paying attention more to fabric in general since I started quilting in January. I love having conversations with other quilters, artists, and crafty people about fabric -- it's construction, design, quality, etc. So, on one hand I get it. On the other hand...

Yesterday I had a conversation with a fellow who was very passionate about billiards. Not only did I learn more about the tournaments, leagues, and diverse patronage of Shooters in Burnsville, I learned about billiard cloth. Simonis (one of the most quality fabrics and his pool felt of choice) doesn't pill, is naturally stain resistant, is designed for extended used and can handle the wear and tear of the balls, and even "meets the stringent standards of ISO 9001:2000 certification for the production and sale of billiard cloth."


1) I could tell that he has had as many if not more discussions about billiard cloth as I have had about fabrics for quilting, and

2) I don't think The CC Club knows about this.

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