Then and Now

Then: I felt madly in love.
Now: I feel mildly intrigued.

Then: I thought it somewhat strange when 'old' people were fans.
Now: I think it somewhat strange that 'young' people are fans.

Then: I wanted them to take off their shirts.
Now: It's kind of silly.

Then: I said things like "Mom! Dad! I have to go to the concert or I WILL DIE!"
Now: I write things like "OMG NKOTB @ MOA" (in jest of course, but that's what I wrote!)

That's right. Last week my boys, the New Kids, were at the Mall of America and my BFF and I were too! It was a short show -- in the end that was fine...now I'm old and my feet hurt if I spend too much time standing in one place -- but it was a good one. And the guys look good too. They sang only one of the old songs (we were expecting at least a medley) which leads me to believe that they actually want to promote their new stuff.

The people watching was aMAZing. The big buttons were out. The tee-shirts were out. There were 35-yr-old women with double-strollers in tow, single 40-year-old men that kept making the loop around the rotunda, pissed-off managers at the QVC store, and Best Buy execs immensely pleased with themselves. And, I'm quite certain that we saw a few of the wives and kids.

Then: I had a crappy camera.
Now: I have a crappy camera.


Ann said...

Ah, I'm jealous. I was a big fan, my whole group of friends were, really. I think we divided them up and each of us had our favorite New Kid. For the life of me, I can't remember who mine was. Probably just as well. Still, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit bummed when I heard they had been at the MOA and I missed it.

Kat said...

Clearly, Ann, you haven't gone through your box of paraphernalia. My group did the same thing -- we each had our guy. My guy was (and, I think still is) Jordan. It was an odd sensation to feel excited to see them, but I'm glad I did!