The 2008 Kat and Dan Index

Average age of Kat and Dan's cats: 9

Percentage of time Kat spent on the computer that the girl cat violated the no kitties on the keyboard rule: 80

Number of quilts Kat bid on in an Amish quilt auction she attended in Ohio with Jill, Kathy, Barb and Phyllis: 3 (And she got them. It was the best trip!)

Number of quilt tops Kat put together: 5

Percentage of those quilts Kat completed: 80 (The fifth quilt top was donated to a fundraiser after her mother's church quilting group finished it. Then her mom bought the quilt!)

Chances that Kat will ever think of herself as a crafty person: 1 in 1,000,000,000

Estimated number of hours Kat and Dan stood in line to caucus for the first time ever: 3.5 (What a year to participate in the election process! They've voted before and all, but participated in more this year than ever before, and really enjoyed it.)

Average number of batches of cookies the cookie-making machine known as Dan made per week since June: 2

Percentage of times Dan made cookies that Kat's coworkers requested: 100

Estimated number of minutes the ferry took to get Dan and Kat to Madeline Island for a much-needed weekend getaway with great friends: 25

Chances that Kat and Dan are getting out to Portland in 2009 to visit friends and family: 1 in 2

Chances that Kat and Dan are getting out of the country in 2009 to visit friends and family: Sadly, 1 in 365

Estimated number of hours Dan and Kat spent geocaching around the twin cities: 60

Ratio of caches sought to caches found: 1 to 1 (Our signature trinket to leave behind somehow ended up being Dora the Explorer hair ties. Dan got them at the Target One Spot without knowing who Dora is, but it works. With the exploring and all...)

Percentage of authors Kat was dying to meet that she actually did meet: 100% (The most excellent, nerdtastic John Green).

Number of blogs Kat authored (or co-authored...one with family, one with a friend): 5 (or, 6 if you include the blogging she does for hclib.org, but she doesn't count that for some reason).

Portion of those blogs active as of this writing: 2

Number of Final Fantasy games Dan completed: 12

Estimated number of hours this feat required of him: 483

Average cost of the computers Dan works on at the University of Minnesota's Supercomputing Institute: $4 million

Chances Kat will ever be able to explain what Dan actually does beyond "he is the storage guru for big important data": 1 in 42

Number of hours Kat spent reading and singing to babies at the library: 12 (This number does not reflect the hours Kat spends in her regular storytime for preschoolers.)

Number of individual book club meetings for children and teens Kat held at the library over the summer: 41

Number of NO BOOKS! Club Kat held at the library this summer: 6 (Kids who don't like to read have a place in the summer reading programs too! BUT! They did all literacy-based things, like creating comics online, and doing a mystery play, and...well...playing Guitar Hero. Because it rocks.)

Ratio of perennials Kat planted prior to 2008 that survived to those planted that did not survive: 1 to 0 (Did that come out right? Basically, nothing I planted prior to this year survived under my care.)

Number of perennials Kat planted in spring of 2008: 12

Percentage of those plants that made it through the summer: 91.6

Number of perennials Kat planted in fall of 2008: 12

Chances she and Dan will see them again this spring: Let's not jinx this by putting a number to it.

Number of Christmas trees Dan and Kat put up this year: 2 (Keepin' it real downstairs; fakin' it upstairs.)

Number of grains of rice Kat donated to the UN World Food Program via FreeRice.com while composing this, her very first form Christmas letter ever: 11,960
(Really, if you haven't gone to this site yet, do. I would say don't even finish this letter, but you're almost done...)

Number of hours Kat and Dan spent with friends and family, and being thankful for it: too many to quantify.

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bluesky said...

Another great charity site is AIDtoCHILDREN.com. It donates money to children in need through World Vision.

Check it out at http://www.aidtochildren.com