Then again...

It isn't always my elders who inform me of things before my time. Earlier this week some of my young patrons at the library told me about various things that were before my time as well.

Bye Bye Birdie
One of my 11-year-old girls told me all about how Bye Bye Birdie is inspired by Elvis Presley's draft into the army and part of the plot involves a staged "last kiss" to occur on the Ed Sullivan Show. I've heard the name of the musical before, and some of the songs, but never really knew what the plot was about. Now I do.

A four-year-old patron asked me for books about the pegasus the other day. Nothing was really coming up in the catalog so I had to ask her if she could tell me more about it...and she gave a great description of the wings and the color and its abilities. Once I learned that it was a winged horse, we were able to find some books for her in the horse section. The next stop would have been the mythology section, but by then she was looking for books on mummies.

This seems like something I might have known before, and definitely should have known before, but hey. Can't win 'em all.

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