For the record...

I made two statements today that introduced a fair amount of confusion, and that quite obviously needed immediate attention and prompt resolutions.

For the record, I was wrong in both cases.

#1 The rooster is certainly talkative today!

I order the puppets for the library, and I was most certain that I ordered a rooster. So, when a little girl was walking around with this puppet (which, incidentally, was quacking) I asked what the rooster had to say today (and then I helped her make the bawk sound). My partner at the reference desk said something to the effect of "I thought that was the hen..." and we were off -- what is the difference between a rooster and a hen? Appearance-wise, that is.

Female chickens are shorter and plumper than the males, and the head feathers, wattles and tail feathers aren't nearly as outstanding as those of the males. Of course, the fact that this puppet doesn't even have a wattle or colorful tail feathers is evidence enough, but I double checked the Folkmanis site where I bought the farmyard collection of puppets.

I had ordered the hen. (This is convenient, since I use that puppet to tell the story of The Little Red Hen.)

There are so many breeds of chickens -- it's crazy out there in the world of poultry breeds.

Food babies are the same as beer bellies.

The DH and I both felt too full after an okayish dinner and amazingly perfect dessert at Nick and Eddie's tonight. He said something to the effect of "I'm having a food baby" and I incorrectly thought food babies were the result of extended periods of eating too much, i.e., fat.

Nope. Food babies are a one-time deal after eating too much. The only time I've heard it used was in the movie Juno, but I had forgotten the context in which it was used.

0 for 2 today.

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