(S)he just smiled and gave me a

vegemite sandwich!

Yes, I had my first (and possibly last) vegemite sandwich tonight. (The jury's still out as to whether I actually enjoyed it -- definitely an acquired taste!) I didn't know what to expect at all -- but I wasn't expecting the salty bitterness. It's like nothing else I've tasted, but the closest I can come to describing it would be a concentrated cross between tamari soy sauce and...a sour Guiness? If Guiness were sour...

My husband's cousin from Australia is making a long trip visiting family and friends across the US and, as she is spending a lot of time en route, carries a small pack of healthy food with her. (Smart. Avoid the vending machine meals). Vegemite is a yeast extract, and a little amount packs a lot of Vitamin B, is fat-free, and should last forever given how salty it is! I definitely understand why Aussies take it with them while they're traveling!

I feel okay if it takes awhile for me to enjoy it, though. After all, the Fred Walker Company (now part of Kraft) had to go through several campaigns to get it to take in the 1920s and 1930s!

Just remember, if you're so inspired to try it yourself, that a little bit goes a long way!

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