Before my time

I used to feel almost guilty when anyone would make a remark that something was before my time if I had no clue about a reference that was being made. I decided awhile ago to not let those comments bother me, and I had a chance to exercise my resolve the other night.

At a recent gathering people started reminiscing about Sonja Henie and what a beautiful skater she was. I had no idea, the remarks were made (very gently, of course) and while I did wonder how everyone knew who she was, I did just quietly say to myself -- yup. Before my time.

Sonja Henie was an Olympic figure skater in the 1920s and 1930s, and went on to act in Hollywood films. And, that's all I feel I need to know for now.


Anonymous said...

Kat - your 64 year old aunt Mary could have told you that Sonja Henie was a beautiful, graceful NORWEGIAN skater, much loved and admired by many in the 1950's. She was sweet, wholesome, and she skimmed across the ice with a smile to melt your heart. So on cold winter nights on frozen Lake Bemidji, I dreamed I could be like her and practiced for hours and hours. In my ten-year-old mind, my feeble attempts at skating backwards or in a circle were pretty good. There are no tapes or videos to prove otherwise, so who's to say they weren't? As the saying goes, "The older I get, the better I used to be."

Kat said...

Mary, I love this! I love the image of you skating and smiling, and your story will help me remember her. Thank you!