Win some, lose some

I love it when I know stuff. Tonight at happy hour someone mentioned a relatively unknown name (Michael Servetus) and I knew exactly who that was, and could explain with confidence that his arguments against the idea of The Holy Trinity (his antitrinitarianism, if you will) served as the catalyst for today's Unitarian Church. (I might have scared the person who mentioned his name a little bit when I started raving about the book I read about him, but, still. I love it I know stuff.)


Then, I came home and read Kristin's beautiful first post in our joint blog, Between the Page and the Shelf. I had no idea who Nabokov was. :(((((


Now I know that he is the much celebrated author of Lolita (duh), and that he left behind an unfinished manuscript that is now at the center of controversy in the publishing world.

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