Cats and coasters

The girl cat knows the rules, and lately has been testing her boundaries. The most important rule is "no kitty on the keyboard." She usually sits right next to the keyboard, or quickly struts across, rather than walk around the computer. Tonight, she saw her chance and blatantly defied the rule.

This is Tiki looking all innocent and cute when she knows she's doing something wrong. She really has a talent for this.

How quickly she changes tactics. Here is Tiki looking at me with disdain after I tried to gently nudge her off the computer.

I originally had the camera out to take pictures of the quilted coasters I made with the leftover fabric. This is how they turned out.

Incidentally, if you saw them in person you would see cat hair all over them. Not only does Tiki love the computer, she also likes to help me quilt. She will oftentimes crawl right up on my chest and stick her butt in my face while I'm sewing the edge of a quilt. That's my girl.

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