Colicky babies

I simply thought that colic meant that a baby screamed and cried for no apparent reason. Turns out, people have been walking around with the knowledge that colic has to do with the baby's digestion. News to me.

In my defense, though, M-W's second definition for colic is "a condition marked by recurrent episodes of prolonged and uncontrollable crying and irritability in an otherwise healthy infant that is of unknown cause." The Mayo Clinic starts its article on colic off by saying that it is defined as "crying for more than three hours a day" in an otherwise well-fed and healthy baby. They go on to say that no one really knows what causes colic. Plus, I'm not a parent so this topic doesn't really come up in conversation, or in the books I read.

But, yes. I heard more stories about my DH's infancy over the weekend. Some very funny stories, one of them being how colicky and crabby and unhappy he was for the first few months. (Not funny for his parents at the time, of course, but the way my mother- and father-in-law tell stories is awesome). On the way home, D said that he would rather not have heard about how his colic manifested itself with bouts of explosive diarrhea. So, don't tell him I blogged about it. :)

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