Makes sense to me

In a meeting with other librarians today, and one of them said "yeah, my kids use acid all the time, and they love it." And we all said "cool!"

Out of context, that sounds disturbing, alarming, and frightening. Fear not. Librarians aren't hiding anything. Acid is a music production software created by Sony that allows you to create original music and remix other music.

A few other terms have crept into my lexicon over the last few years that might sound strange. Here are some examples:

I'll just Jott my Gubb list so I don't lose that thought.
I have Scratch on Tuesday.
I'll just tweet my twits to let them know I'm at Starbucks.
I think I'll throw a fish at Amy, or at least write on her wall.

Any other phrases that you thought you'd never say? Or that sound bizarre when you hear them?

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