Win some, lose some...again

I'm okay with judging myself harshly (been doing it all my life, after all) but am not okay with others deciding to lay into me because of X, Y or Z. A sampling from this week of both...

I thought I should have known
that Larry McMurtry is the author of Lonesome Dove and Terms of Endearment.

A patron told me he likes books by this author, who I had never heard of, of course. I took his recommendation, though, started listening to Telegraph Days, and when I went to add this to my GoodReads account, discovered who Larry McMurtry is. I felt better when I learned that there are managers in my library system who didn't recognize Twilight... and that's hot right now. Larry -- not so hot right now.

Somebody else thought I should have known where to get a bike license. This was over Instant Messaging service. Went something like this...

Me: Motorcycle?
That person: No.
Me: To register it so you can claim it if it's stolen?
That person: No.
Me: A license to ride your bike?
That person: Yes.
Me: Looking at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, I don't see that you need a license. Can you tell me more about what you heard? Or where you heard it?
That person: This is taking too long. They need to find someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks for nothing. Choice Words.

Turns out, Minneapolis used to require bike licenses, and Anoka (not in my service area, but...) currently does require a license for bicyclists. He had disconnected by then, and before I asked where he lived.

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