Put it on a stick to increase its awesomeness factor

Breakfast: Key Lime Pie on a Stick
Early Morning Snack: Pronto Pup on a Stick
Mid-Morning Snack: Garlic Stuffed Olive on a Stick
Lunch: Fresh French Fries
Early Afternoon Snack: Deep Fried Cheese Curds on a Stick (a mistake, btw)
Desert: A Martha's Cookie (thanks, Amy!)
Early Afternoon Beverage: Draft Root Beer Float
Mid Afternoon Beverage: Honey Weiss (we ran into Matt and Amy, Joe and Jane! Of course we'd have a beer together!)

The only time I publish a food journal is my annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair. Sure, I go for the huge pumpkins, newborn piglets, honey bees, huge smelly cows, beautiful horses, quilts, radio stations and people watching too, but the food...the food is an experience that I a) don't want to miss, and b) don't want to experience more than once a year. I wasn't smart about it this year, though. I didn't do my usual prep work, and I missed out on the chocolate covered bacon (aka pig lickers) strong enough to tempt even the most veggie of vegetarians.

A few other highlights...

Al Franken
We stopped to listen to Al Franken give a smart and passionate speech about his vision of and for Minnesota and the country. He took care to point out that there's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed with what's right with America, which is refreshing during this season of "look at the mess the other guy made."

A Bernina test drive
I test drove the dreamiest sewing machine ever. I knew that Bernina makes a superior sewing machine (and learned that some models operate Windows), but had never used one. Oh, it was lovely. So smooth and smart and perfect. And I walked away with a Bernina Breeze on a Stick.

My first bu
tterhead sighting
I won't question this tradition. I guess I never wandered into the dairy building before, and was secretly hoping that the butterheads were urban state fair myth, but they do exist.

And in other news, the McCain booth looked pretty wimpy and pathetic. Of course.

Well, until next year...

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tragicoptimist said...

How on earth could you have gone so long without seeing the butterheads? Next time you need to try the milkshakes for sale in the dairy building, too.

I'm with you on fair food. It's an awesome experience, once a year.

The McCain booth was really empty both days that we were there, though I heard there were a lot of McCain stickers at the fair yesterday with the convention-goers having a free night.