Bowling lexicon: that's what she said

I was impressed with the amount of bowling terminology that was being tossed about by my friends the other night. (We *were* at a bowling alley, and two of the group are members of a league, so the bowling talk wasn't completely unexpected.)

Anyway, I decided it was time to get up to speed with the bowling lingo.

Bad Rack
Definition: A full set of pins that appears to have one or more not properly positioned; generally undesirable.
Usage example: It's not me, this lane has a bad rack. I can't seem to knock down the 7-pin.

Bed Posts
Definition: The 7-10 split
Usage example: Those damn bedposts are killing me.

Body English
Definition: Movements and contortions of the body intended to steer the ball as it travels down the lane.
Usage example: Body English may work in Wii Bowling, but in regular bowling standing at the foul line pointing with your head or your fingers and yelling at the ball to "go that way!" does not yield the desired result.

Definition: German word for bowler
Usage example: I thought a kegler was someone who regularly throws keg parties. But no, we were bowling next to some keglers, easily identifiable by their speaking in German.

Definition: A 1996 movie staring Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray
Definition: A Marvel character, a common thug turned criminal mastermind with no superhuman powers, and hired a sniper to take out Peter Parker.
Usage example: I think *someone* should dress as Kingpin for Halloween, but wear a bowling pin costume with a crown on top. :)

Definition: Throwing the ball in the air beyond the foul line
Usage example: Can you see that huge dent in the head of the lane where B's ball landed? She's a lofter, that one.

Open Frame
Definition: A frame having neither a spare or strike.
Usage example: Of the twenty frames I threw, sixteen of them were open frames.

Definition: Three consecutive strikes
Usage example: According to some, a turkey is cause for a round of wild turkeys.

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