There was one author I wanted to meet...

...and today I (and over a hundred other fans including the DH) met him!

Dear Readers, the awesome John Green. I had the pleasure of meeting him behind the scenes, as well as hearing his presentation and listening to a reading from his soon-to-be-released new book.

Granted, I met him for only a teeny tiny second, but a) I had to get control of my giddiness before I could introduce the person who was going to introduce him, and the best way to do that was to join my colleagues who were in conversation with him, but b) it was great to hear him talk about how well he knows his audience.

He is a great storyteller and has such a cool way of expressing himself about everything - what makes a great book, what his writing and vlogging lives are like, what it means to truly and actively participate in..well, life. And funny. Oh, so funny.

BTW, I'm with my awesome library girl in the second photo. She wrote the introduction to get the program started, and it was pure awesome. She had everyone, including the author, roaring with laughter.

It was a wonderful day at the library.

First Photo Credit: Joanna R. Check out the rest of her pictures from the day!

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