Theremins: look ma, no hands!

The DH is...can I say obsessed?...with Dragonforce. (Thank you, Guitar Hero). I sat down with him tonight to watch "the making of" DVD that came with the most recent album. Now, I've actually started to enjoy the music (although, not at 7am) and quite enjoyed listening to them talk about their stuff.

Then! This one guy pulls out a theremin (minute 4:07) and incorporates the sounds into their album. I'm quite impressed...with myself for knowing what it was.

The theremin (pronounced thair uh minn) is a musical instrument that is played by controlling the electromagnetic field between two metal antenae with your hands. For more information and a demonstration, check out this TED talk. There is one on display at the Bakken Museum near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Check it out!

And while I'm sitting here pleased with myself for knowing what the theremin is, I'd like to take this moment to point out that several years ago, I also knew that the instrument Sting used during the performance of You Will Be My Ain True Love was the hurdy-gurdy.

Hey, since I mostly admit what I don't know, a few posts about what obscure things I do know now and then can't hurt.

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Daniel said...

And if you're interested in theremin music, french composer Olivier Messiaen was a big fan of the theremin. Most of his orchestral works use the instrument prominently.

Messiaen is one of those little-known gems of the classical music world. Most people come across it by accident, and it immediately (like Dragonforce) either hooks them or repulses them.

And yes, I am (hopelessly) obsessed with Dragonforce.

-The DH