A walking dictionary, and he's mine

Note: Parking around the corner of 26th and Lyndale is not always easy to come by on a Friday night. So, when I spotted a smallish opening, I went for it demonstrating once again my excellent parallel parking skills. I was focused on not hitting he car in front of me, but the DH was thrown by something else...the name of the car. We parked behind a VW Toureg.

The DH: That's a strange name for a car
Me: I guess...
The DH: A tuareg is a camel walker
Me: What?
The DH: They're people in Africa who lead camel caravans.
Me: You're a word nerd
The DH: Maybe VW is trying to say something about their gas mileage, if camels store water and can go long distances, maybe this thing can do the same with gas.

Well, no - it doesn't. But I still think it's a nice name for the car, however misleading.

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