Cool maps

I took a lot of cataloging classes in library school - and I wrote a paper about cataloging maps. I was so geeked about the prospect of a career in map librarianship - the idea of needing to learn the different projections (and probably feel strongly about them) really excited my inner nerd. At the time we had the controversial Peter's Map hanging on our wall, and my hubby and I dug into the controversy like it was a drug or something. I mean, we really got into it. For about a month.

But I still find maps interesting, and have even blogged about cool ones I stumbled upon at Strange Maps, and today I have to share another way to view maps. The Google Maps Mania blog has listed 100 Things you can do with google maps mashups. And, these are really, really cool. You can explore the New 7 Wonders of the World with satellite images and YouTube videos. You can find the nearest Starbucks, the tallest skyscrapers or your local libraries. I love it. And I wonder what map librarians think of this stuff. I should look at geotagging (adding content with location information) at some point. It might be a critical skill at some point.

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