Dog lovers read Dean Koontz

Author Dean Koontz is a dog lover. You (probably didn't) hear it here first!

When I was waiting at the vet's office last week I picked up a copy of the February issue of Dog Fancy. After checking out the centerfold (ooooooooo) I flipped through the articles when I read the following statement: Anyone who loves dogs knows that Dean Koontz is a dog lover.

Even on Koontz's website it says that Dog lovers know that some of Dean Koontz's most compelling novels include dogs as key characters.

I mean, I know what they're trying to say, but doesn't it sound like the wording is more than a bit off? I mean, I'm a cat lover but I don't know which authors are cat lovers! (Oh, alright. I have read my fair share of Cat Who mysteries simply because they feature two Siamese cats). But, still.

WELL! Someone came into the library today asking for Dean Koontz. Why? She said, and I kid you not, I am a dog lover, and I know that Dean Koontz is a dog lover too.

I guess Dog Fancy wasn't that far off after all.

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