Random vocab words

My husband has an extensive vocabulary. This drives me nuts, mostly because I'm jealous. Anyway, we're nerds, and to prove it, there's a game we've played were I open the dictionary to a random page, place my finger on a random word and ask him for the definition. He almost always knows the definition. He's that good.

Tonight, after helping a patron find that Newbery book that had a sailboat on the front cover, I thought for sure I would be able to stump him with my new word I learned. It went like this:
Me: (laughing to self, hee hee hee) Hey! Do you know what a (dramatic pause) frigate is?
Him: Yeah...it's a sailing ship, and a quite formidable one at that.
Me: (growling) How the hell do you know that?
Him: I played a pirate game when I was a kid.
Me: Curses. Foiled again.
One of these days I'm going to stump him. Any suggestions?


Kristin said...

What about going the deceptively simple route, like "peruse" (I think most people would say it means something along the likes of "skim," but it can be both that and a careful reading) or "continuously" compared to "continually"?

Kat said...

That worked!!!!! He was stumped by the continuously / continually question. YAY! Thanks Kristin!! :)