So much for my new year's resolution

I spent a majority of my time in 2007 exploring Web 2.0 tools as a way to immerse myself in the Library 2.0 discussion. Basically, I created accounts with MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, SecondLife, Flickr, YouTube, Skype, Google Docs, Google Reader and Blogger and used them all regularly throughout the year. And it took a toll on my soul.

So I resolved that in 2008, I would revert back to a "1.0" lifestyle. My plan including sitting at home and reading books, learning to quilt, trying new recipes and using the Internet for email, online banking, and reserving library books only. (Well, I wasn't going to give up my Facebook or Blogger accounts. Those are fun.)

So much for that resolution! So far this year I have added two new blogs, a Google Map and a Gubb list to the webosphere (or whatever it's called these days).

Stick it to Ya (a library learning 2.0 project I decided to join last minute)
My Map
(a map of adventures of reading in public places)
Between the Page and the Shelf (a blog co-authored by my writer/editor friend Kristin and myself. As of this writing, we just moved to Wordpress and are still unpacking. Come on in, but excuse the mess!)

I am happy to realize that I feel much more balanced. I'm geeked about wordpress and the maps mashups. And and and, photos of the quilt I made are expected soon. I hope.

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