My first caucus

I will move on from posts about the political process, but I have to report on my caucus. When we got to the neighborhood middle school (where several precinct meetings were being held) the line to get in went around the block of the location. There are nine precincts in my ward, and I don't know how many, but there definitely was more than one DFL precinct caucus held at my location. When I got to my room, I signed my name on the registration sheet then wrote my candidate's name down on a piece of yellow construction paper. There were 310 such binding presidential preference votes cast in my precinct. Approximately 100 people stayed for the caucus. There was a LOT of formality to follow as we went through the updates, and then finally the resolutions. We listened to 9 resolutions, and voted by show of hands on whether they should be brought to the district convention for further consideration. Some of the resolutions inspired lengthy discussion, which I found incredibly fascinating.

I have to say, though, that I was really distracted during the entire caucus. We were in this classroom, and the ceiling was leaking right above my head. Every three to five minutes or so, there would be another small drop that landed right between my husband and I. It was really disturbing to discover that my neighborhood middle school is leaking. What is it like to be a student there? I have to wonder. And figure out if I can do anything about it.

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