Cinderelly Cinderelly

Aaahhh, if only mice existed for the sole purpose of braiding Cinderella's hair for the ball. And, if they were always that cute.

Mice, and other relatives in the Cricetidae Family hold important roles in ecosystems (they disperse seeds) and have some positive economic importance for humans (they're pets and, um, model organisms in laboratories). But they are not welcome at my house. They could chew on my wiring, spread disease, smell bad, and freak me out.

My cats enjoy them. They're both mousers, but they see the mice as playthings rather than prey. Tiki has brought one to me in bed, and brought another to the couch to play with as she would her glitter poms. Sam might pick one up after Tiki loses interest, and run around the house with his ears back in a moment of extreme glory. This is not cool.

My options for ridding my home of mice, short of calling an exterminator, include snap traps, zapper traps, or glue boards. I'm not touching the poison due to the cats, and I'm not messing around with home-remedies, although I will block their point of entry with steel wool pads. Currently, I'm giving Safe Kill a go. I will also consider the University of Kentucky Entomology Department's advice to "think like a mouse," and understand their nesting patterns and food requirements as I plan my attack.

I should also check the foundation for cracks to prevent their entry in the first place. I'll add foam and/or caulk, as well as pure peppermint extract, to my winterizing shopping list.

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