No Drano in the garbage disposal

Crap. As I'm preparing dinner last Sunday night for out of town guests, my potato peelings clog the garbage disposal. I do my best to scrape out the peelings, but the show must go on. I drain the pasta in the bathroom sink, and scoop the potatoes out of the boiling water, rather than drain them. Dinner's fine. Lovely, in fact. Company leaves, but I'm still left with a sink that I can't use. So. My husband convinces me that I should pour some Drano down the drain and let it do its work. I'm hesitant, but can't think of anything else to do since the plunging and the scooping didn't help. (No Internet access, therefore no way to research possible fixes). Half an hour later, I have a sink full of hazardous smelly liquid that won't drain. Grrrrr.

When I had Internet access again I learned that, indeed, Drano was not such a hot idea. I also learned that Drano and plunger is an equally bad combination.

Are disposals really that great? Does my house need one in order to resell some day? I'm tempted to dispose of my disposal and compost, but am not ready to make the leap. I could have used lemon, been regularly cleaning with ice cubes all along, or found a professional. After Roto-Rooter came today, I learned that I could have removed the clog by opening the trap and removing the peelings. The T-shaped trap is actually supposed to clog so that the homeowner can remove the clog before it gets into the line. I'm not happy with how I had to learn about this, but now I know!

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