What are these webisodes you speak of?

People are talking about the webisodes they watch, but I've only noticed them coming up in conversations during the last month or so, and usually right after talk about the Writer's strike. As one would guess, the term is a portmanteau (thank you wikipedia) formed using the words 'web' and 'episode,' and just means that is airs on the Internet rather than network television. I assumed that they would be amateurish, and that I didn't need to watch any (since I just realized that I haven't watched any television for a couple of months now), but while poking around I learned that Battlestar Galactica has a series of webisodes to fill in the gap between seasons 2 and 3. Yay! The Office: the accountants is a webisode series, but I think I'm the only one left on the planet who isn't a fan.

It would be fun to produce a webisode series with the teens at work..something along the lines of Unshelved is the only thing I can think of right now - which is why I'd encourage them think of something. The other option -- using my cats as actors. Doubt that would create a following (not even if I used these viral video marketing tips to get some buzz), but what's worse, I would be a confirmed crazy cat lady.

Just an aside, webisodes should not be confused with video blogs. There are a few vlogs that I check in on. I've been watching the excellent Brotherhood 2.0 this year, and I've started checking in on Ask a Gay Guy, and FREAK-TV just for fun too.

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