Sugar highs

Question: What happens to a person during an extreme sugar high?

A quick search using regular search engines and trusted medical sites (expectedly) returned results pertaining to diabetes, pregnancy, stroke victims and heart disease. But what happens when an adult who isn't suffering from these conditions consumes too much sugar in one sitting? Someone who otherwise enjoys regular blood sugar levels? Negative side effects from too much sugar tend to have an impact if one consumes too much sugar over time, but even if you don't suffer from a degenerative disease, there may be consequences from consuming too much sugar at once, according to this outline of the minerals the body requires to digest sugar. A related article about the body's experience after drinking a Coke suggests that one should prepare for a crash after consuming too much sugar.

Yet, that is not enough for my specific question. What happens if you eat too many truffles?

Jack Boulware asked that exact same question in a lifestyle segment of American Way Magazine, and got his answer.

“What happens if you eat too many truffles?” I ask. “You die of bliss!” Czarnecki announces, refilling our glasses. He then goes on to say that truffles are always emitting gas and heat, and a few minutes after you start eating, it will hit your stomach and release the gas.

No eating too many truffles. I've got your back!

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