Dig a little deeper now

I've been hearing about Google Universal for awhile now - so I decided to figure out exactly what all the hoopla is about. Well, if you've been noticing your search results grouped into their subcategories (like news, books, video, blogs)...that is what the hoopla is all about.

Search Engine Land offered a great introduction to the new google search strategy. (New to Google, that is).
ResourceShelf talks about this in relation to library resources, and compares Google Universal to the other major general search engines.

Gary Price over at the Resource Shelf is right when he says that most people just want the results, and often do not spend time to check their resources. Then he said that "resource selection can be and should be a key role for the info professional." Oh, yeah. That's me.

So, is that his way of creating job security?, or is this true? I enjoy working with teens on resource selection for our library's web site, but I do have veto power and use it to tell them why a certain site doesn't meet my/our criteria. Still. The job of a librarian is important, but nothing secret is going on. We're not (as Stephen Colbert said) hiding anything. Oh well.

It's strange, though. I realized I had been disregarding the results that were grouped into (maps, books, news, etc.,) because they looked like sponsored results. I didn't take the time to read through them, but now that I know what the sorting does, I'll pay more attention.

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